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Employment Disputes

Vero Liability offers Employment Disputes insurance to cover employers for damages claims made by current, former or future employees for an alleged breach of an employment agreement, the Privacy Act and/or the Human Rights Act, as well as the cost of defending such actions.


Employment Disputes insurance responds to claims for compensation brought by current, former and future employees alleging a breach of their employment agreement, the Privacy Act and/or the Human Rights Act. This insurance covers the costs of such claims, including defence costs. Common areas of exposure include a personal grievance action, a claim for unjustified dismissal or other alleged disadvantage under the Employment Relations Act.

The policy is subject to employers making reasonable effort to comply with employment legislation, including by taking and following legal advice.

Because following the correct procedure is extremely important when dealing with employment issues, the policy requires employers to contact Vero Liability and take legal advice, as directed by Vero Liability, before taking action in relation to an employee or employment issue.  Doing this will minimise the risk of an employer prejudicing the employment relationship and/or risk the employment disputes policy not responding to its claim.


Who should consider this product?

Any employer.

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