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Latest News

August 2019

The Safe Side | Issue 09

One of the recurring themes in The Safe Side has been the increasing cost of health and safety prosecutions. The sentencing of CentrePort again highlights why businesses and brokers need to ensure that limits of indemnity are sufficient to cover these costs. We also continue to look at how businesses can best manage after an accident, as well as discussing our most dangerous industries and rising concerns about respirable silica.

July 2019

The Safe Side | Issue 08

The Health and Safety at Work Act (HASWA) has very broad coverage. This includes placing extensive duties on some designers, manufacturers, suppliers and importers of plant, substances and structures. We begin this issue by looking at the first prosecution for a contravention of these duties.

June 2019

The Safe Side | Issue 07

In this issue, we look at a recent prosecution that arose after workers were repeatedly exposed to a high risk of serious injury, but no injury occurred. We also cover the new rules applying to hazardous substances, the duties of voluntary organisations and other news from the statutory liability world.

May 2019

The Safe Side | Issue 06

There’s no doubt that health and safety prosecutions are costing businesses more than ever before. In this issue, we look at the potential for increasing orders for regulator costs.

April 2019

The Safe Side | Issue 05

It is now three years since the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HASWA) came into effect on 4 April 2016. Over the next few months, we’ll briefly cover some of the most significant prosecutions under the new Act.

March 2019

The Safe Side | Issue 04

Perhaps the most significant recent development in statutory liability insurance has been the rising costs of reparation payments to victims following health and safety prosecutions. In this issue, we look at the numbers involved in some recent cases and highlight the importance of maintaining an adequate limit of indemnity to protect a business’ exposure.

March 2019

UnderCover | Issue 01 - Directors in the Spotlight

In a well-publicised High Court judgment, former directors of Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited (in liquidation) were found liable for breach of their directors’ duties by trading recklessly whilst the company had been insolvent over a period of years.

February 2019

The Safe Side | Issue 03

Managing the safety of hazardous substances is something that many businesses find challenging. In this issue, we briefly touch on some of the new legal requirements in this area and highlight some useful guidance to help businesses get started.

January 2019

The Safe Side | Issue 02

Welcome to 2019 and the second issue of VL’s The Safe Side. We start the New Year by looking at New Zealand’s recent health and safety performance and what it tells us about likely trends in 2019 and beyond.

Privacy Landslide

December 2018

The Safe Side | Issue 01

Welcome to The Safe Side, VL’s first Health and Safety round up designed to keep you informed about the latest news, information and trends. An increased focus on keeping our workplaces safe means an increased focus on processes and legislation - It’s never been more important to keep our knowledge and practices up to date, for everybody’s sake.


May 2018

Hazardous Substances - Statutory Liability

Hazardous Substances regulations enforced under the Health & Safety at Work Act effective from 01 December 2017. There are now specific duties imposed on Persons Conducting a Business Undertaking (PCBUs) in the handling and management of hazardous substances.


May 2018

Cyber Insurance - Privacy Breach Regulation

Privacy breach regulation is tightening in major offshore markets.


May 2018

Health & Safety at Work

The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 is generating a dramatically increased level of fines upon conviction for individuals and business entities. As well Worksafe now has a 12 month window to make its decision whether to prosecute (previously 6 months). As a result, we are just now seeing how things may pan out in future.


October 2017

Work Accident and New Wordings

VL Work Accident is a unique product which funds early voluntary reparation in cases of workplace injury or death where Statutory Liability insurance is triggered. It has an added feature to cover funeral expenses in the event of fatal injury.

Health Safety Men

May 2017

Health and Safety at Work - The New Regime Emerges

The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 was effective on 4 April 2016 but only now are we getting some insight into its impact on employers and their insurers.

Computer Crime

March 2017

New Product Offering - Cyber Insurance

VL is pleased to annouce the addition of Cyber insurance to its product portfolio.

Drone 5

February 2017

Drones & LawSafe

VL has been insuring liability risks for drones for a long time - what's new?  Read our latest bulletin to find out. And have you considered offering LawSafe to your clients recently?


June 2016

New Wordings

Vero Liability is pleased to announce new improved versions of our most popular wordings.


August 2015

Litigation Regulation

In recent times much has been happening in the areas of litigation, dispute resolution and regulation. This bulletin headlines some of the more recent and relevant facets of the changing commercial environment.

Drone 2

March 2015


It would be impossible not to have noticed the latest craze in ‘gadgets’, namely, the increasing proliferation of drones, otherwise known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) or UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) which is being widely reported and featured in all news media worldwide.


February 2015

2014 - A Quick Look Back

2014 saw VL pick up a number of unusual claims in the SME sector. No matter the many years of collective experience we have there is always something which raises eyebrows. This bulletin outlines a few examples.


November 2014

Sentencing Act - FAQs

Health & Safety in Employment Act  |  Sentencing Amendment Act 2014

Frequently Asked Questions


November 2014

Sentencing Act

The Sentencing Amendment Act 2014 was passed into law on 6 June 2014 and becomes effective on 6 December 2014.


September 2014

CGL Limits

Public Liability - Selecting Policy Limits

Is due consideration given in assessing policy limits for Public Liability policies? What should be looked at when determining an appropriate limit of indemnity?

Health Safety

May 2014

Health & Safety at Work Update

Since our Market Bulletin in April last year there has been significant and dynamic movement on various fronts towards the implementation of the new workplace safety regime.


January 2014

Defence Costs Liability Update

The “Steigrad” High Court decision upheld.

Health Safety Men

August 2013

Health & Safety at Work

On 7 August the Government announced the most significant reform of New Zealand’s workplace health and safety system in 20 years.


July 2013

Construction Liabilities

Earlier this year, Vero Liability’s Senior Underwriter Heather Bailey, gave a presentation to the Insurance Institute Conference in Auckland on behalf of VL.  The topic was “The Christchurch Re-build - Construction Liability Insurance”.


March 2013


The extreme dry weather this summer has seriously affected the primary industry sector in many ways but effects of drought are also felt directly or indirectly across all sectors, domestic and commercial.

Justice Symbols

February 2013

Defence Costs Update

On 20 December 2012 the Court of Appeal overturned the High Court's decision in Steigrad v BFSL 2007 Limited concerning the application of s9 of the Law Reform Act 1936 to defence costs whereby the receivers of Bridgecorp took a charge on the insurance monies available under a Directors & Officers Liability policy.  


January 2013

Pike River Royal Commission

The Royal Commission identified many shortcomings and failures which contributed to the disaster.  In its report it was particularly critical of the Pike River Coal Limited board of directors. 

Scales of Justice

September 2012

Defence Costs Liability

Following the “Steigrad Decision” (where a court may determine that an Insurer cannot spend money on the defence of clients if that spend will erode policy limits available to pay a claim) Vero Liability responded to the market with a “ring fenced” Defence Costs solution for Directors & Officers covers.  


May 2012

Liability Consequential Loss

Business Interruption through Fire, Storm, Flood, Earthquake – routine stuff!

But what about Business Interruption through a liability loss?


February 2012

Buildng Act 2004 - Licensed Building Practitioners

New Exposures For Building Trades

Vero Liability is pleased to announce its response to new exposures for Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs).