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LawSafe - Claim Examples

Assault Charge

A businessman had an altercation with two ‘undesirable’ youths who were ogling and making lewd comments to his wife.

The youths' families decided that they would lay a complaint with the police and the businessman was charged with assault.

It took 18 months of protracted legal proceedings before he was cleared and charges dropped. The LawSafe policy picked up legal costs of more than $20,000.

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Careless Driving Causing Death

A truck driver was under threat of being charged with careless driving causing death after a collision in which the two occupants of a third party vehicle were killed. 

With the intervention of a LawSafe "panel lawyer" it was determined that the causes of the collision were road and weather conditions and charges were not pursued. The legal costs were substantial.

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Dangerous Driving

A volunteer marshall for a motorsport organisation was charged with dangerous driving after a collision with another marshall's vehicle on an enclosed racetrack. He successfully defended the charge with the help of LawSafe which picked up the legal costs. 

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Faulty Concrete

A householder got into dispute with a builders’ supplies merchant when he declined to pay an account for sub-standard concrete supplied for a house renovation. The materials were found not to be "up to spec" and had to be ripped out and replaced. LawSafe provided legal assistance in coming to a satisfactory settlement with the supplier. 

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